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Unlike many insurance providers Yachtmaster Insurance does have a character and a sense of purpose, a future and more importantly a past defined by the people who represent it.

Most people would agree that the more history we have the greater the experience we can call upon in serving your best interests. 

Yachtmaster Insurance Services Ltd slipped into it's specialist niche for insuring yachts from the insurance brokerage in 1969. Boston in Lincolnshire was the base of this general insurance brokerage and surely not a yachting venue it did have a traditional fleet of inshore fishing vessel made up of converted sailing smacks, ex-ships lifeboats and practically anything else that would stay afloat long enough to transport sacks of cockles, mussels and shrimps to the quayside from the turbulent waters of the Wash.

Over a time the absolute trust of the local fishermen, a tough and suspicious bunch was won over, not because of our insurance broking skills exactly but because we knew the language of the sea, crewed their vessels, and could parley on the subject of boats, ship-wrighting and seamanship. Things that we do well today but in over 30 years we have expanded our compass to private yachts, sailing and voyaging, all things that we know about and enjoy. Take a look at our staff and you will know for sure that you are trusting your business to the right people.

In recent years we have expanded our portfolio of cover to include Commercial Marine Trades and Household Insurance cover, as well as providing facilities for Marine Legal Protection and Yachtman's Travel Cover. Our philosophy as always is to provide an excellent level of service with the emphasis on that personal touch for all, whilst always endeavouring to keep premiums at a reasonable level.