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The question of problematic seacocks is still very much with us. Do you know when you should use them? Do you know how many there are and where they are? Do you know what your seacocks are made of? Do you know the importance of what they are made of? Do you know if they work?

Buying your first boat is a dream come true for many, but the dream can turn into a nightmare if you haven’t prepared adequately before deciding “this is the one for me”.

From a yacht insurer’s point of view, fire is one of the most destructive forces leading to the largest individual losses. Whereas a storm may cause considerable damage to a number of vessels in an area, a fire will often cause a total loss of an individual craft and if this happens in a marina, for instance, can also lead to considerable damage to adjacent craft.

By the time you read this I expect the mild weather of November will be behind us and the real Winter will be with us. Last Winter had some exceptionally cold weather and this caught a few boat owners out so there are some lessons to be learned for a trouble free Winter for your boat.

We are now well into Autumn and many vessels are being laid-up for the Winter ahead. The Yacht Insurance business is very seasonal as many craft change hands between March and October and this is when most potential customers seek their insurance cover, and the months from November to February tend to be quieter which does, at least, enable us to catch up on those things we postponed during the busy Summer!